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Advanced COM Device
Aerodynamic Study of Bulk Commodity Tractor Trailers
Autonomous Vehicle Robotic Wheel Drive
Photobioreactor for Microalgae Cultivation
SEL Thermal Card Guide

Non-Wire Solutions to Traditional Power Grid Upgrades - Avista Utilities

Advanced COM Device - NASA AMES

Aerodynamic Study of Bulk Commodity Tractor Trailers - Western Trailer

An-Gels of Insulation - Dr. Behnaz Rezaie

App Controlled Poinsettia Covering System - Plant Soil Science Club

Assistive Technologies Shirt Instrumentation - Dr. Joel Perry

Autonomous Vehicle Robotic Wheel Drive - Bastian Solutions

Bandbeesten: The Legacy Goes On - Lionel Hampton School of Music

Biochar Production System - Industrial Assessment Center, US DOE

Boeing Sidewall Lighting Installation - Boeing

Cerebrospinal Fluid Pump - NIML

Coffee Roaster Filtration System - Diedrich Roasters

Crumbler Head Temperature Sensor - Forest Concepts

D3-TIG - Dr. Michael Maughan

Electric Generator Modeling and Automatic Generation Controller - Avista Utilities

EMR Detection and Mitigation on the LSV2 - US Navy

Food Insecurity - College of Engineering

Inconel Tubing Pre-Pullout - Boeing

INL - Grinder Water Circulation and Filtering System - Idaho National Laboratory

Interactive Telerobotics Exhibit - Discovery Center

IoT for Sustainability - Vishal Saxena

ME 430 Experiment Design - Dr. Kamal Kumar

Mitigating Cyberattacks caused by Fast-Acting Hardware - Dr. Saied Hemati

Modeling and Measurement of Permittivity for Near Space Communications - Dr. Ata Zadehgol

Personality Analysis Using Machine Learning - Client Withheld

Photobioreactor for Microalgae Cultivation - College of Engineering

Portable Biodiesel Production System - Dr. Sarah Wu

Project ARM - Dr. Joel Perry

Project VERITAS - Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Robocodo - Dr. Joel Perry

Robotic Arm Manufacturing Cell - Boeing

Seasonal Free Cooling for University Data Center - University of Idaho Facilities

SEL Thermal Card Guide - Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories

Sightless Navigation and Perception (S.N.A.P) - Daniel Schneider

Solar panel array model for UI FESS development - Brian Peterson

Solar roadways - Solar Roadways

Speech Therapy Application - Micron

TATER: Tamper Analysis via Transient Electromagnetic Response - Client Withheld

Tower Lights Animator v2 - Dr. Robert Rinker

Two-Stroke Exhaust System Design - UICSC

UI Steam Plant Combustion Input Measurement Systems - Scott Smith

UI Steam Turbines - Scott Smith

Vandal Forge Printer Software - Dr. Michael Maughan

Virtual Control System Network - Jessica Smith

Vocal Isolating and Amplifying Headphones - James Frenzel

VSC Fault Protection - Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories

Wireless Forklift Height Encoder - Hyster Yale Group

Wireless Tower of Lights - Dr. Robert Rinker


Automated Work Cell
Biological Stiffness Measurement
Clean Snowmobile Challenge Muffler
Iridium 9523 Satellite Modem Development Platform

3D Printing for Metal Components - Dr. Michael Maughan

Aquatic Weed Removal - Arboretum Associates

Automated Burnishing Machine - Night Force Optics

Automated Work Cell - Boeing

Avista Microgrid Automatic Generator Controller - Avista Utilities

Bandbeesten: The Legacy Continues - Lionel Hampton School of Music

Battery Ultracharger – Dr. Herbert Hess

Biological Stiffness Measurement - Dr. Bryn Martin and Dr. Michael Maughan

Clean Snowmobile Challenge Muffler - UICSC

Device Finder - HP

Drain Pan Welding Jig - Colmac Coil

Flue Gas Energy Recovery - UI Facilities

Flywheel Control and Monitoring (FlyCAM) – Dr. Herbert Hess and Dr. Michael Santora

Freely Reaped Electromagnetic Energy (FREE) 2016-2017 - UI Sustainability Center

GD&T for Reverse Engineering - Wagstaff

General Power Converter Startup - US Navy

Grid Defender - The Grid Defender

Honda Engine Repackaging 2016 - Dr. Edwin Odom

Interactive Kiosk for College of Engineering - Rob Patton

Iridium 9523 Satellite Modem Development Platform - NASA Ames Research Center

Lunar Flywheel Controls System - NASA and Dr. Herbert Hess

Lunar Flywheel Energy Storage System - NASA and DR. Christine Berven

Micro Capacitive Sensor - Dr. Ay and Dr. Soumya K. Srivastava

North Campus Chiller - University of Idaho Facilities

Sediment Cleaning of Water Tanks - UI Facilities

Seed Storage Tube - Idaho Bean Commission

Sight Impaired Mobility Assistance - Daniel Schneider

Silicide Coating for Aerospace Parts - ATI Specialty Alloys and Compounds

Single cylinder engine design and optimization - ESTECO Academy

Snare Drum Notator - Spencer Martin

Solar Road Energy Recovery - Dr. Herbert Hess

Sorting of Titanium Fittings - Boeing

Spokane Microgrid Distributed Generation and Storage - Avista Utilities

Technology Readiness Tracker - Dr. Greg Donahoe

Tendon Strain Apparatus - Dr. Nathan Schiele

Turn to Turn Fault Detection for Air Core Reactors - Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories

Trunk Bending Apparatus - Dr. Rajal Cohen

Unified Liquid Cooling Heat Solution - US Navy

Visual and Profilometric Fuel Rod Inspection - Idaho National Laboratories

Wearable Mobile Arm Support - University of Idaho


Data Acquisition System for a Dynamically Scaled Model Airplane
Biodiesel Reactor Modifications
Robotically Assisted Manufacturing Workcell

Adjustable Governor for Synchronous Generator - Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories

Airport Battery Charger - Dr. Herbert Hess

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Sensor Processing - CISR

Autonomous Robots - University of Idaho Computer Science Department

Bandbeesten Legacy - Lionel Hampton School of Music

Biodiesel Reactor Modifications - University of Idaho Agricultural Engineering Department

Boeing Wing Rib Workstation - Boeing

Desalinator - Vorsana, Inc.

Field Flashing Synchronous Generator - Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories

Fleet Service Responder - HP

Flight Management and Data Acquisition System for a Dynamically Scaled Model Airplane - Quest Aircraft Company, LLC

Formula Hybrid Car (FHSAE) 2015-2016 - NIATT

Flywheel Energy Storage System - Dr. Herbert Hess

Impact Testing Device - Nightforce Optics

Integrated Rocket Ramjet - Dr. John Crepeau

Kickshot - Aziz Mahkani

Mapping Rabbit Burrows 2015 - Dr. Janet Rachlow

NAVSEA Robosub Competition (2015-2016) - NAVSEA

Near Space Engineering - NASA Idaho Space Grant Consortium

Pedestrian Location and Assistance - Dr. Jim Frenzel

Persistence of Vision Machine - Dr. Robert Rinker

Poinsetta Greenhouse Device - University of Idaho College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Rehabilitation Training System - St. Luke's Rehabilitation Institute

Robotically Assisted Manufacturing Workcell - Boeing

Communications Network Design - Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories

Snowmobile Traction Control - Dr. Dan Cordon

Substation in a Box - Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories

Thermal Management for a High Efficiency Power Converter - Dr. Herbert Hess

Trunk Stiffness Bending Device - Dr. Rajal Cohen

Touchscreen Kiosk - Dean Larry Staufer

Tube Extraction Technology - Colmac Coil

Vorsana CO2 Scrubber - Vorsana

NEW Wastewater Treatment - University of Idaho Mechanical Engineering Department

Water Egress Simulator - United States Department of the Interior

Web-based_Security_Hardening - Daniel Conte de Leon


Autonomous COTS Bots
BandBeesten Robotic Drumset
Integrated Rocket Ramjet
Robot for mapping rabbit burrows

Alternative Drain Pan Defrost - Colmac Coil

Autonomous COTS Bots - University of Idaho Computer Science Department

BandBeesten Robotic Drumset - Lionel Hampton School of Music

Biodiesel Research Reactor - University of Idaho Agricultural Engineering Department

Continuous Traffic Detection - NIATT

DFIG Wind Turbine Modeling and Fault Protection - Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories

Diedrich IR-12 Series Roaster - Diedrich Manufacturing

Drone Mission Planning Software - Dr. Rinker

Dynamic Fish Manure Extractor System - Clear Springs Inc

Electronic Fuel Control for GE-T58 Gas Turbine - Burly Products

Ethtool Support for Microsoft Hyper-V - Microsoft Linux Integration Service

Excitation Control for a Synchronous Generator - Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories

Eye Medication Applicator - University of Idaho Mechanical Engineering Department

Formula Hybrid Car (FHSAE) 2014-2015 - NIATT

Fuel Rod Defect Detection - Idaho National Laboratory

Guided Parafoil System - NASA Ames

KickShot for Android - Aziz Mahkani

Integrated Rocket Ramjet (IRR): Team Rocket - Dr. John Crepeau

LED Display 2014-2015 - Dr. Robert Rinker

LED Video Player - Dr. Robert Rinker

Mapping Rabbit Burrows - Dr. Janet Rachlow

NAVSEA Robosub Competition - NAVSEA

Next Gen FHSAE Engine - University of Idaho Mechanical Engineering Department

Orchard Harvesting and Pruning Platform - Rumble Orchards

Rain Gauge Retrofit - USDA Forestry Service

Rehabilitation Training Software - Tecnalia

Robotic Arm Rehabilitation Device - Tecnalia

Small Engines Research Facility - University of Idaho Mechanical Engineering Department

South Campus Chiller - University of Idaho Facilites

Switching LiPo Battery Charger - Dr. Robert Rinker

TAPS: Touch-Based Adaptive Predictive Screen - Esterline

Team New Perspective - Digital Camera Control System - NIATT

Tensegrity Internal Actuation - NASA

Tower Lights Animator - DR. Robert Rinker

UICSC Efficient Turbocharged Two-Stroke Engine - NIATT

Unicon Development - Unicorn Development

Vandal Hybrid Racing - NIATT


Formula Hybrid SAE Car
CSC Rear Drive

AMPS Communication - Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories

Band-Beesten 2014 - Lionel Hampton School of Music

Band-Beesten rolling drum set - Lionel Hampton School of Music

Bassoon Fingering Finder (BFF) - Dr. Susan Hess

Bolster Rivet Press - Buck Knives

Cleanroom Roomba - Revalesio

Continuous Traffic Detection - NIATT

CSC rear drive - NIATT

Dynamic Fish Pond Cleaning System - Clear Springs Inc.

Ethanol Fermenter - Fostails BioSystems

FHSAE Voltz N Boltz - NIATT

FETCH - University of Idaho College of Natural Resources

Geothermal heat pump - Monastery of St. Gertrude

High Tunnel Green House - University of Idaho Extension

Hotstart Thermocycler - Hotstart Engine Heating

KickShot - Aziz Mahkani

KickShot for Android - Aziz Mahkani

Kinect Shoulder Detection

LED Animation - Dr. Robert Rinker

LED Video Player - Dr. Robert Rinker

Multiple LiPo Battery Charger - Dr. Robert Rinker

NIATT Formula Electric Vehicle Powertrain Team - NIATT

Orchard Picker Positioning Platform - Rumble Orchards

Prosthetic Liner Donning Device - University of Idaho Agricultural Engineering Department

Robosub - NAVSEA

Robotic Arm Assist - Tecnalia

Robotic Workstation - University of Idaho College of Engineering

Security Enhanced Mobile Operating System (SEMOS) - Tungsten Industries, LLC

SEL Power System Model - Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories

Signature Clock - University of Idaho Mechanical Engineering Department

Small Satellite Technology - NASA Jet Propulsion Labratory

Solar Water Filtration System - Orphans to Ambassadors

Solder Joint Reliability - Micron Technology


Tensegrity payload protection - NASA

Tower Power - University of Idaho Association for Computing Machinery

UI Cogeneration Turbine - University of Idaho Facilities

YMCA Renewables - YMCA

Wildfire temperature probe - USDA Forestry Service


Buck Knives 110 pin setter

Formula Hybrid - NIATT

Pumpkin Cannon - University of Idaho Agricultural Engineering Department

Doubly Fed Induction Generator Test Beds - Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories

Bassoon Fingering App - Susan Hess

CALS Sandpoint Greenhouse - Sandpoint Urban Renewal Agency

Trout Streamside Incubator - Dr. Ed Galindo

Soccer Rules App - Aziz Mahkani

Ultra-affordable Rapid Prototyping Machine - Boeing

NASA Flywheel - NASA Glenn Research Center

NAVSEA Competition Mini-Sub - NAVSEA

NASA Ames Tensegrity

Automated Case and Bullet Plate Filling - ATK

Prius PHEV Conversion - Dean Edwards

Buck Knives 110 pin setter - Buck Knives

Rotor Field Temperature Sensing - Avista

Pelton Wheel Instrumentation - University of Idaho Civil Engineering Department

Sustainable Energy for U-Idaho McCall Field Campus - University of Idaho College of Natural Resources

Digital Camera IC - Dr. Suat Ay

uALS - VLSI Sensors Research Group

Automated Circuit Testing - Biketronics

Dam Power - Avista


Pumpkin Cannon

Intelligent Chess Board - Greg Vanderford, GL Design Associates

MCP Nanoscale IC Development - Suat Ay

Panel Antenna - SEL

Integrating Prioritized Audio Signals - Biketronics

Power Management Chip - Suat Ay

Battery Rejuvenator Characterizer - US Navy, Acoustic Research Detachment

Miniature Automated Shock Testing Apparatus - SANDIA National Laboratories

Solar Powered Refrigerator - Mark Hall

Phase Shifting Transformer Tap Changer - SEL

Flywheel Energy Storage System for Lunar Colonization - Joe Law, University of Idaho

A pH Based Biosensor for Detection of Glycerides in Biodiesel - Dev Shresthra

Pumpkin Cannon - University of Idaho Agriculture Department

Transition for Precision Seed Planting - IO Dupont

Tensegrity Robot - NASA RLEP

Magnum Shear Experiment and Redesign for Bullet Tools - Bullet Tools

Plug In Hybrid Electric Vehicle - Dean Edwards

Rear Drive Snowmobile - NIATT

Simple Storage Service Proxy - Institute for Bioinformatics and Evolutionary Studies, University of Idaho

Bassoon Fingering Finder - Susan Hess

Idaho Cost and Budget Management - Idaho Department of Health/Welfare

Long Lake Dam Modeling and Redesign of Sub-Station Power Service - Avista

Marching Band Mobile Drum Set - UI Music Departmen

Analog Gauge with Digital Display - Biketronics

Weather Station - Idaho Power

Web Interface for Scientific Data Management - Alex Fremier, College of Natural Resources, University of Idaho

Data Acquisition on Mobile Devices Using Non-Standard Transfer Methods - Decagon Devices, Inc.

Experimental Brayton Cycle for Space Application - INL, Center for Nuclear Space Research

I²C Interfaced Controller for Configuring and Reading Data from an Ambient Light Sensor - Suat Ay


Robotic Tensegrity Unit

Harley Engine Control Unit - Biketronics, Inc.

Flywheel Energy Storage for Lunar Colonization - NASA

Scooter with regenerative braking - Dr. Greg Donohoe, UI

Hybrid electric formula car - Dr. Edwin Odom, UI

Thermopile test fixture - Dr. Scott Whalen, Sandia National Laboratories

Mars hopper exploration vehicle - INL & Dr. Steve Howe, CSNR

Hybrid Range Extender - Dr. Dean Edwards, UI

Robotic Tensegrity Unit - NASA

Timber Grading Mechanism - Dr. Tom Gorman, UI

Aerospace Materials Engraving - Boeing

Fluid Chiller and Control System - Intel

Visualization of Fault Locations - Idaho Power

Microprocessor Development System - Dr. Richard Wall, UI

SBOE Document Search Tool - State Board of Education

AESD Auxiliary DC Micorgrid - Navy at Bayview

Titan Rain Detector - NASA

PCEI Energy Study and Conservation - PCEI

Hull Adherence Testing Mechanism - MillerCoors

Clean Snowmobile - Exhaust Gas Trap - Dr. Karen DenBraven, UI

Clean Snowmobile - Muffler - Dr. Karen DenBraven, UI

Removal of Salt from Electrorefiner - INL


Test apparatus for munitions primers

Configurable Motorcycle Engine Controller - Biketronics, Inc.

Multi-generator Power Management System - SEL

Taylor Ranch Power System Expansion - College of Natural Resources

Wind Farm Collector Protection and Control - Power Engineers

Foliar Sampling Device - Mark Coleman, CNR

Tie Down Rack Finishing - Mac’s Custom Tie Downs

Kendrick Pool Heating - Kendrick, ID

AUV Battery Charging & Propulsion - Bayview

Electronic Bike Shifter - Randall Keeney

Test apparatus for munitions primers - Mark VonLindern, ATK

Phase shifting transformer - John Finley, SEL

UI compost design - Darin Saul, UI

NASA lunar rover inductive charging - Dr. David Atkinson, ISGC

Golf course irrigation - Grangeville

Clean snowmobile exhaust valve control system - NIATT

Reed Forming Machine - Dr. Tom Hess

Wideband, High-Power VHF Circulator - Dr. Ken Noren & Dr. Jeffery Young

Hybrid Powertrain - NIATT

Power Boost Kick Scooter - Dr. Greg Donohoe

Wildlife Surveillance Instrumentation - Dr. Kerri Vierling, UI

High temperature soil probe - Dr. Peter Robichaud, USDA

Graphite dust production system - Dr. Karl Rink & Dr. Akira Tokuhiro, UI

AUV - Dr. Dean Edwards, UI

Boiling water test loop - Dr. Akira Tokuhiro, UI

LSV2 Autonomous Charger - Dr. Herb Hess, UI


Open Architecture Robot

Motorcycle Stereo Amplifier - Biketronics, Inc.

Data Acquisition System and Data Management - Navy ARD

Thumbprint Ignition System - Biketronics, Inc.

SEL-2411 Automated Crosswalk - SEL

Spar Mill Workholder - Boeing

Dillution Tunnel - NIATT

Sand Slurry Pump - Blue Water Technologies

Ballistic Test Fixture - ATK

Prototype Hybrid drivetrain - NIATT

Multi-Touch Control Surface - Advanced Input Systems

Electric Vehicle Impact on the Electric Grid - Idaho Power


Open Architecture Robot - College of Engineering, University of Idaho

Test Fixture to Measure Ski Boot Forces - Dr. Jeff Seegmiller, University of Idaho

Multicore security - Raytheon

Tractor Pull - Biological & Agricultural Eng, University of Idaho

El Salvador Water Project- Dr. Jan Boll, University of Idaho

Re-entry Probe - NASA Ames

RLEP Instrument Launcher - NASA

Active Cold Trap - Dr. Akira Tokuhiro, Univeristy of Idaho

Sand Motion Monitor - Blue Water Technologie

LSV2 Battery Charger Control - Navy ARD

Formula Car - Mechanical Engineering Department

Pressure Vessel Cleaning - Autoliv

Orbital Debris Detection System - NASA Ames

Setpoint Block - Boeing

Remote Controlled Pesticide Application - Dr. Don Morishita, University of Idaho

Salt Removal - INL


Sediment Trap

Deer & Elk Automated Deterrent System - Idaho Fish and Game

Nanopositioning Drive Project - Manning Applied Technology

Voice Recognition Hardware Development - EsterLine

Fuel Cell to Battery Powered DC System Interface - Navy ARD

Space Elevator - CoEngr

Transformer Faults and Inrush - SEL

Wireless Thermal Protection - NASA

Sediment Trap - Center for Ecohydraulics Research

Hot Cell Manipulation Equipment - INL

Rain Chamber - Itron

Non-Prehensile Lunar Manipulator - RLEP/NASA

FSAE Vehicle - ME Department

Outboard Emissions Clean-up - BRP

Potato waste conditioning for biodiesel fuel production - Simplot

Sanitary Gate Design - Key Technologies

Soil Compactor/Dehydrator - Potting Shed Creations

Educational Robot - EE Department


Fuel Rod Spacer Remover System

Vandal Racing - UI College of Engineering and Local Sponsors

Robotic Lunar Exploration - NASA

Knife Sharpener Fixture - Simplot

High Velocity Descent Probe - NASA

Transformer Testing Station - Norman Fischer

Next Generation Traffic Controller - NIATT

Wireless Thermal Protection System - NASA

Fan Test Facility - Intel

Maritime Energy Management System - ONR

Hybrid HMMWV Alternator - ONR

Water Filter for the Maasai - Eric Morris

Tractor Pull Competition - College of Engineering

Infant Sleep Monitor - INL

Fuel Rod Spacer Removal System - INL

Rover Nocturnal Visual System - JPL

Fertilizer Placement - U.S. Department of Agriculture

HMMWV Battery System - ONR

EHV Substation 2nd DC Source - Idaho Power

Updated Action for Borah West - Idaho Power

Conference Speaker Timing System - Western Protective Relay Conference

Distribution Harmonic Mitigation - Idaho Power

Lithium-Ion Battery Charger - U.S. Marine Corps

Selective Ground Fault Protection - Relay Application Innovation

Crystal Measurment System - Cypress

Adolescent Leg Strength Test Fixture - Kathy Browder

Microchannel Manufacturing and Testing - NCIIA


Electrosurgical Test Apparatus
Refrigerator Latch and Hinge

Refrigerator Latch and Hinge - Premco, Inc

Direct Drive - NIATT – Clean Snowmobile Competition

Vandals Racing FSAE Team - UI College of Engineering and Local Sponsors

Interferometer Alignment - Manning Applied Technologies

Feedhorn Alignment - UI Electrical and Computer Engineering Dept.

FSAE Wireless Telemetry System - UI College of Engineering and Local Sponsors

Electrosurgical Test Apparatus - Arthrocare Corporation

Water Treatment Sensing and Control - Blue Water Technologies

Hybrid Development - ONR

Sensor Positioning Equipment - Center for EcoHydralics Research

Impact Testing Equipment - Itron

Optimization of Small Aircraft Tug - Dan Holmes

Venus Descent Probe - NASA

Neural Forearm Simulator - Terry Soule

Probe Pointing & Control - NASA

Differential Serial Communications - CAMBR and NASA

Traffic Controller Customization - NIATT

Infrared Paper Dryer - Potlatch

Snowmobile Intake System - NIATT – Clean Snowmobile Competition

Portable Biofilter - Eric Morris

Semi-Continuous Product Removal - Idaho National Laboratory

Spray Coolant Test Equipment - Isothermal Research Systems


Miniaturization of 'Ear Talk'

Fuel Element Cutter - Idaho National Laboratory

Two-Stroke Direct Injection - NIATT – Clean Snowmobile Competition

Automated Part Rejection System - Unicep Packaging Inc

Automated Platform for Airbag Folding - Autoliv

Miniaturization of 'Ear Talk' - NIOSH, Cincinnati, OH

Lifetest Apparatus for Surgical Electrodes - Arthrocare Corporation

Radio with Binary Phase Shift Modulation - Simply Test LLC

CSC Direct Drive - NIATT Clean Snowmobile Competition

Battery Power Dewpoint Sensor - Decagon Devices

Hybrid Hydraulic System for Garbage Trucks - NIATT

End Effector for Hot Cell - Bechtel

Filter Disassembly - Idaho National Labratory

Airbag Testing Platform - Takata

Electrical Load Leveler for Tractor-Trailers - NIATT

Lithium Ion Battery Charger - Itron

Reconfigurable Computing Platform - NASA GSFC

Reed Gouging Apparatus - UI Music Department

Low Power Wireless Sensor Network - CAMBR

Vision System for Inspecting Ammunition - ATK

Formula SAE Racecar Telemetry System - UI College of Engineering

Assembly-line workcell - UI Boise

High Voltage Discrete MOS Op Amp - Apex Microtechnology

Soil Temperature Meter - USDA

Small Scale Hydropower Optimization - John Law


Direct injected 2 stroke

Direct Injection for a Two-Stroke Engine - NIATT

Exhaust Gas Energy Recovery - Future Truck Competition

Life Cycle Test Machine - Itron

Spray Visualization System - Isothermal Systems Research (ISR)

Electrode Assembly Tool - Arthrocare Corporation

Electric Motor Assist System - NIATT – Future Truck Competition

4X4 Engagement Mechanism - NIATT – Future Truck Competition

Pick and Place Mechanism - Boeing

2 Stroke Exhaust System - NIATT – Clean Snowmobile Competition

Fiber Stretching Mechanism - Manning Applied Technology

Moth Egg Seperator - UI Aquaculture Center

Waste Can Cutter - West

Position and Communication System - NCIAA

Touch Screen Testing System - Advanced Input Devices

Air Bag Folding System - Autoliv ASP

Mechanical Seal and Leak Down Detection - Bechtel National


Bassoon Reed Gouger

Electronic Life Cycle Test Machine - Itron

Waste Can Cutter - West

Vandals Racing FSAE Team - UI College of Engineering and Local Sponsors

Exhaust Gas Emissions Reduction - Future Truck

Adjustable Joggle Die Set - Avcorp

Radioactive Waste Filter Cruncher - West

Basson Reed Gouger - UI Music Department

Three Axis CNC Router - Triumph Composites

Arthroscopic Debriding and Resecting Tool - Stryker Endoscopy

Flat Part Manipulator - Boeing

Pneumatic Wrench - Autoliv

Motionless Joystick - Advanced Input Devices

Waste Cylinder Geometry Verification - Bechtel National

Truck Emergency Braking System - Autoliv

Integration of Controls into a LoDrill - Bay Shore Systems


Reed Profiling Machine

Mandrel Handling Machine - Boeing

Hybrid-Electric Vehicle Climate Control - NIATT

Engine Cold Chamber - NIATT

Hot Chamber Rapid Insertion Port - West

ACL Tensioning Device - Stryker Endoscopy

File System Endurance Tester - Kimball International

Office Divider Frame Assembler - Kimball International

Reed Profiling Machine - UI Music Department


Catheter Baloon Fabrication

Esophageal Catheter Balloon Fabrication - Stryker Endoscopy

Laser Etching Placement Table - Stryker Endoscopy

Modified Blanking Process - Boeing

Small Transfer Lock - West

Core Boring Device - West

Ingot Extraction Process - West

FTIR Emissions Test Bench - NIATT

Alternate Fuel Mixing Station - NIATT

PCB Assembly Fixture - Jabil Electronics

Automated Processor Handling - Intel

Sewer Piping Regulator - City of Boise

Lockrod Cut-to-length Station - Kimball International

Encoder Disk Extracting Station - Encoder Products

Shoulder Rehabilitation Machine - Dr. Swain M.D., Nampa, ID

CMP Flow Visualization - Micron Technology


Underwater fish camera

Bike Shelter - UI Facilities and City of Moscow

Handcycle for Handicapped Rider - Tim Dahmen

Corrosion Testing Apparatus - Albertsons

Nuclear Fuel Pin Separator - West

Centripetal Demister - West

Portable Wind Tunnel - Idaho Space Grant Consortium

APU for Future Truck - Future Truck

High Speed Gear Reduction System for Future Truck - Future Truck

Motor/Controller for Future Truck - Future Truck

Engraving System for Endoscopes - Stryker Endoscopy

Lens Cleaning Station - Stryker Endoscopy

Home Windpower System - Deb McKinnon & Tom Orway

Remote Controlled Underwater Camera - ID Department of Fish and Game


Small Engine Test Stand

Accelerated Pressure Roller Wear Apparatus - Hewlett Packard

Optical Inspection Fixture - Stryker Endoscopy

Resin Injection and Curing System - Stryker Endoscopy

Small Engine Test Stand - NIATT

Hybrid Bicycle - NIATT

Van Conversion For Alternative Fuel - NIATT

Brake Test Apparatus - Brake Guard Inc.

Ceramic Printing Equipment - Litehouse Custom Printing

CNC Kit Refinement - LCF Enterprises

Earthquake Simulator - The Discovery Center of Idaho

Wood Lamination Machine - Elkhorn Archery

All Terrain Wheelchair - Tim Dahmen

Underwater Camera System - Idaho Department of Fish and Game


Electrostatic Levitator

Optical Fiber Packing Fixture - Stryker Endoscopy

Optical Alignment Station - Stryker Endoscopy

PC Fan Test Facility - Hewlett Packard

Electrostatic Levitator - UI Mechanical Engineering Department

Wood Lamination Machine - Elkhorn Archery

Mini-Test Frame - UI Mechanical Engineering Laboratory Program

Snowmobile Muffler Design - Precision Performance Products

Material Inspection Station - Sandvik Special Metals Corp.

Instrumented Refrigeration Workstation - CATS

Rain Simulator - USDA, Boise

Nebulizer for Post-Harvest Potato Treatment - Kimberly Research Center

CNC Kit Design - LCF Enterprises


Accelerated Pick Roller Wear Apparatus

Accelerated Pick Roller Wear Apparatus - Hewlett Packard

Hybrid Electric Vehicle Control System - NIATT

Bioreactor Heat Exchanger - NewBio, Inc.

Culvert Straightener - Idaho Technology Transfer Center

Raceway Waste Recovery System - UI Aqua Research Institute

Fiber Optics Loading Fixture - Stryker Endoscopy

High Speed Clutch - Odenthal Manufacturing

Fountain Design - UI Architecture Department

Pull-up Machine - UI Mechanical Engineering Department

Optical Lens Alignment Fixture - Stryker Endoscopy

Impact Light Design - Daniel Woodhead Company

Log Loader Joint Design - Pierce Pacific Manufacturing, Inc.